Numismatic Value of Challenge Coins

coinCustom military coins have significant sentimental value for the military members who were awarded with them. Their challenge coins tell the story of their military careers and the camaraderie that was developed among their respective units and troops. Aside from this personal significance, custom military coins are also collected by numismatists and other non-military people.
Numismatists are grouped into coin collectors, dealers, and scholars who study coin age or use coins as focus of historical studies, visit for more details. Though a collector can be a dealer or scholar at the same time, he’s chiefly fond of collecting coins for pleasure or satisfaction. Collectors may not necessarily know the historical significance of certain coins as extensively as scholars do or their selling values as much as dealers do.
The coin dealers are those who are proficient in the trade of coins. They are professionals who can authenticate or grade coins for either commercial or historical values. They are sometimes consulted by scholars in authenticating a particular coin, determining whether it has historical significance or it’s just a fake.
The scholars are those who work in public collections, large libraries, universities, and museums. They can also be independent scholar numismatists who conduct studies on monetary devices, the system and economy, and the historical contexts of certain coins.
Generally, professional numismatists are those who specialize in Numismatics, which refer to the study and collection of currencies, including coins, tokens, paper money, and other currency-related objects—even challenge coins. The discipline of Numismatics has existed since the ancient times. Ancient coins were usually collected by royalties and nobilities who had ample access to monetary objects. Ancient scholars were also normally approached to identify the rulers or kings of certain places using the currencies of those places at those times, and also in identifying traitors among political members who receive monetary bribes from foreign enemies through the currency type of the coins they possess.
Modern Numismatics is a branch of the discipline that specializes in the study, collection, and trade of machine-struck coins. Coin collectors are served more by modern Numismatics as the currencies of the modern times are well recorded and identified, so scholars need little to study about the coins that were recently produced. Modern Numismatics has also expanded to the collection of different tokens or custom coins that are culturally significant, like custom military coins or challenge coins.
Challenge coins are culturally and historically significant as they symbolize and reflect the traditions of the military people during wartime. They are also concrete evidences of the existence of regiments at certain periods; they bear the insignia of the units, the batches of the coin bearers or members, and the ranks and commanders of the regiments of those times.
There are also types of collections for custom military coins. The most common type of collection would be memorabilia. Challenge coins bear memories with them—memories of the bond and camaraderie formed among unit members, and the inspirations that kept them going through the difficult times of war. Challenge coins as memorabilia or mementos are kept by the members who were personally awarded with them. The coins’ worth is focused on the assembly of life-long memories rather that the milestones of military careers.
coinAnother common type of challenge coin collection is the military career milestone. Soldiers cherish the objects that mark or symbolize the progress of their careers in the military. Their collections are arranged according the ranks and units they were reassigned and promoted to as their military career progressed. This type of collection is usually kept by high-ranking military officials who have been to places and battles where their dedications were recognized and rewarded by their leaders.
Given these all these bits of info, it should be clear that such coins are truly valuable in more ways than one.