The Two Hats of SEO

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There’s no argument about how Search Engine Optimization can radically and exponentially boost your online business. The formula for success can be distilled into this simple kindergarten equation – You Get Noticed + You Get Viewed + You Get Liked = You Get Business. If you’re seriously scouring the web right now for the right SEO to get you there, chances are this is how your potential consultant will break down the process and what possible results you can expect. But before you get razzle-dazzled by any sweet-talking, keyword-spouting consultant, pause and smell the SEO neuroses before you go further. There’s never a good time to investigate what possible minefields your SEO guy could drag you through.

seoJust like any business, SEO is not immune from all sorts of scams. During your initial discussions, there’s a good chance the words keyword density and inbound links will be mentioned a lot by your SEO consultant. While no doubt these factors are essential in helping you build an effective and formidable SEO campaign, you’re going to want to know exactly how they will achieve that for you. More so, if the SEO consultant you’re eyeing is someone who is probably just building his business and your reason for choosing him is because you’re irrevocably thrifty and this consultant happens to be the only one that will agree to your cheap budget. Outside your initial meetings, you may want to check out the terms White Hat and Black Hat.

An understanding of how they work will help you understand exactly what your potential SEO consultant could be wearing in executing those seemingly best-laid plans for you.

White Hat and Black Hat are research engine techniques employed by your SEO webmasters or consultants in generating the kind of attention you want for your site. You can say they have the same goals or objectives but it is in the methodology where the difference lies. White Hat users are the good guys while Black Hat users are the bad boys of SEO. An SEO technique is considered white hat if it strictly and respectfully adheres to the search engine guidelines and thereby involves absolutely no deception. But beyond following the rules, white hat practically assures you that the content the search engine indexes and eventually ranks will be the same content a user will see.

White hat users aim to build strong content not meant solely for search engine purposes but for users. Its aim is to make that accessible to a search engine’s tracking tool called a spider with absolutely no designs to deceive it. Because of the verity and purity of its intentions, White Hat not just yields significant results; it makes these results stand the test of time.

seo-consultantAnd if you have already presumed that black hat does the complete opposite, you’re right on the money. Still, it would be good to understand what this SEO technique is all about and why search engines will do everything to shut it down. Black hat will resort to using all sorts of deception, designed to dodge or deceive search engine spiders in an attempt to improve rankings. One such trick it employs is hidden text, where the said text blends with the color of the page or positioned off screen. Another is cloaking where the content presented to the search engine spider is different from what the user will see. If you’re site employs this technique without you knowing it, you could wake up one day and find your site banished from your intended users or market.

To understand the kind of misdemeanor black hat exhibits is to go all the way back to the beginning of search engine history. In the mid-90s, webmasters and content providers began optimizing sites for search engines when search engines began cataloguing the web. All they had to do was submit the page address or URL to the various engines. In turn, these search engines would have their spiders crawl the page for information and then have it indexed.

Among the information details obtained by the spiders are what we now know as keyword and keyword density or the volume and frequency of the keyword. These details were then indexed and were instrumental in boosting a page’s visibility and subsequently its search engine rank. This was when the term Search Engine Optimization was born and became popular. It was also around this time that search engines, led by Google, caught up and denounced these practices as spurious.

New tools were devised to their search engine machinery to rid the web of these practices that lead to unfair advantages. Though they continue to do a good job in their added role as web police, such spurious activities still proliferate. In the end, it is not so much the black hat practitioners that suffer but the sites or the clients they represent.

It’s a reality for any business that has ventured into the search engine game. And before your SEO consultant takes you down to that promised path of Search Engine Immortality (or Ignominy), it’s important to determine first what hat he plans to wear.

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Selling Your Properties By Yourself: Do You Have What It Takes?

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Selling your house with the help of a real estate agent will mean handing over some of the money you will make to the agent that helped you. Usually, agents are given a 6% commission after a house has been sold. This means that if your house sells for half a million dollars, the agent will get $30,000 from you. If this is not the kind of thing you would like to happen to you, then your best bet is to sell the house yourself. This, however, requires real estate skills.

Selling your home by yourself is no easy task, and it is not something that anybody can just do. However, if you manage to possess all the right attributes of a good salesperson, you are bound to save a large amount of money.

Here are some of the most important real estate skills you need to have in order to successfully sell your house without the help of a real estate agent.

• Having knowledge of the market.

Real estate agents are known for their deep understanding of the market. They understand how prices for properties are set, and they are excellent when it comes to sales talk.

However, you need to remember that having an understanding of the market is not that hard, even for someone who is not an expert in the real estate business. Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to learn the basics and even the complex aspects of real estate market, if you have enough time in your hands to spend on learning what you need to learn. This means studying comparables and checking your property’s probable value so that you can set it right yourself. If you place your price too high, no one would be interested in your property. If you set it too low, you will lose money.Visit li-realestatefinder to get the best deals of real estate property services.

• Start making people talk about your property.

Real estateRegardless of how much effort you exert in studying the market just to make sure that you price your property right, it will not matter if no one knows about your property. Therefore, another one of the real estate skills you will need is the ability to get people talking about the property you are selling. This could mean spreading the word through placing advertisements, using social media, and talking to people you meet directly. You might also want to put a “For sale” sign in the front yard of the property.

• Keeping Things Organized.

Once you have done your job of setting your property’s price correctly and making sure everyone you know knows about the property you are selling, you should expect people to begin calling you and asking about the property.

This is where your organization skills need to kick in. As a sales person, you need to make sure that the property is well maintained so it would be ready for buyers, and you also need to return calls from buyers who are interested in the property.

The worst thing that you can do as a home seller would be to make yourself unreachable to your buyers. Remember that buyers will lose interest quickly, so make sure that you are always available and organized.

To sum it up, everyone wants to earn as much money as they can in selling their properties. However, not everyone would be able to do this all on their own. Being a home seller is no easy task, which is why there are a lot of real estate agents.

If you want to sell your house without having to pay someone to do it, you need to have the set of real estate skills needed in order to do the job right. You need to be accessible and organized, and you should also know well how the market works.

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The Printed Circuit Board: Making Advanced Electronic Devices Possible

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One technological innovation that probably most people possess, yet are very likely to be oblivious of is the printed circuit board. Indeed, various devices people use every day, including phones, washing machines, cars, television sets, remote control units, and of course, computers and handheld connectivity devices, use some kind of printed circuit board to make everything work together.

Perhaps, people would be less perplexed if they came across the term “mother board,” since they know somehow that laptop and desktop computers have these things.

Major Components Of Printed Circuit Board Are As Follows:

However, do they know what a mother board is, and what it does?After removing a few screws and popping open their own computers, anyone can easily have a look at one of these circuit boards and realize that it is the rectangular plate made of resin or some such material upon which all the major PCB components of the computer are attached.

It will be easy to locate the main processing chip and see how it is attached to the board, and how various connectors on the board link the system up with hard drives, optical drives, data and network ports, speakers, video circuits, power supplies, and just about everything else the computer needs to make the entire system function as a single unit.

printed circuit boardsA closer inspection of this board will show that it does more than mount all the components, as it also allows them to interact with each other electronically. A circuit pattern traced in a conductive material like copper runs throughout the board, connecting each device and electronic components like capacitors, resistors, transformers, diodes, microchips and transistors, switches, and others in a purposively designed layout.

In fact, this printed circuit board is like a miniature counterpart of a wiring layout of a large city, with the thin copper surface serving the same purpose as wires; thus, one soon realizes that the fast and simple answer to the technical specifications of an electronic device, such as “dual core” or “i7 processor”, only describes the power and capability of the central processing unit or main chip of the device, but does not do justice to the design of the device, itself.

The design challenge of using the processor efficiently and effectively, with greater reliability and lower failure rate and with the best power usage and cooling configuration, is incumbent on the design layout of the printed circuit board created for the specific device.

Strictly speaking, anyone with some rudimentary understanding of electronics might be able to take pen and paper, and design a circuit diagram for mounting a few transistors and accompanying components on a board to build a simple audio amplifier device. He can then draw or transfer this design with a masking pen on the copper-covered side of a piece of store-bought copper clad board, etch the copper away with the use of an appropriate solvent like ferric chloride, remove the masking to expose the copper, and have his very own custom-designed circuit board.

After drilling holes in the specified spots, he can then mount and solder in all the necessary components and proudly show off his own home-built amplifier. The complexity in design required in highly advanced electronic devices like computers and smart phones, however, make it virtually impossible to design circuit diagrams for the microprocessors employed in such devices without the aid of dedicated layout software and specialized electronic design automation tools.

Actual production of these boards also involves extremely complicated and costly industrial processes that are far beyond the reach of the home hobbyist of yesteryear. This is the reason why the creation of printed circuit boards for the highly demanding technology of today becomes the exclusive province of large electronics manufacturing companies and contract manufacturing firms that specialize in these processes.

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8 Reasons You Need To Buy A Storage Container

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1. Huge Storage Space

Say hello to a huge storage space! Storage containers are enormous storage space that does not require building from scratch. Many businesses suffer from a lack of storage and office space, while expanding requires construction and a lot of expense, buying a storage container can save you time and money. Also, heavy duty steel containers are waterproof and secure, making them perfect for storing everything from, files, papers, computers and furniture! It takes months to erect a new structure but when you buy a storage container you can have it delivered to you in just a few days. Reliable suppliers can deliver your container days after purchase.

2. A Very Good Investment

Storage containersAside from their mobility, they are also durable and can withstand even the harshest weather. Because most containers are made of steel, aluminum and many other strong metals, storage containers can last for more than ten years and even more if they are properly maintained. You can store almost anything inside a storage container. You can also transport it anywhere on land by truck or overseas by cargo ship.

3. Tired of it? Sell it!

Unlike a wooden or concrete structure, storage containers can actually be sold easily. If you’re tired and if you realize you don’t need it anymore, you can easily take it away and leave the space in your property. All you need to do is to post an add online, find a buyer, sell it then hire a truck to deliver it into the new location.

4. Secure and Safe

Storage containers are one of the most secure storage structures which will require you dynamite or a blow torch to destroy. It can’t also be easily carried away because of its size; even with 50 strong men you can’t carry a storage container.

5. Multipurpose

Aside from storage, a storage container can also be fixed to become a container home. You can install shelves, create rooms, and add doors, windows or a deck above the roof. It can also be turned into a refrigerated storage container, like a big freezer if you want to refrigerate food and other goods. Many storage containers are also converted into office units for construction sites. Others use it for toilet units on work or festival site, while some use containers for basic canteen, diner or welfare units. But then storage containers are best used for what they were originally designed for – storage and shipping goods.

6. Recyclable

Reusing storage containers have many environmental benefits. Some of these are resource conservation and waste prevention. Because storage containers have a high usable ability, most of them are used and recycled. Companies who are using containers report having saved much more money. Also, containers are stronger than one-way containers for they are made to withstand multiple uses. Because of this, companies also reduce damaging costs.

7. Cheap

Business that requires storage space that you need for transport will benefit enough if you have a leased container. It is a better option since it’s cheaper than warehousing. If you’re someone who is in dire need of a huge storage space, but don’t have that much money and time then storage containers is the thing you need. Also, you can cut cost in delivery because many suppliers are able to stack units and provide with basic accessories such ramps and stairs. Stacking units allows buyers to cut cost of delivery and minimize the footprint of the overall structure.

8. Movable

Containers are easy to move and transfer in different locations. You don’t have to tear down anything. All you need to do is hire a trailer truck and voila you can put it wherever you can.

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Important Facts About the Military Coin

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In the military, one of the traditions being followed from before up to know is giving away custom military coins as a gift of loyalty, gratitude, respect, and honor. Although the origin and creation of these military coin is still unknown until now, there are many noted stories which pointed out that these coins were already in use as early as the First World War. However, whether these stories are true or not is still being debated.

Different Common Names of Military Coins

Custom military coins are known by a wide variety of names. These coins are also popularly known as challenge coins, unit coins, commander’s coins, memorial coins and squadron’s coins.

What are the purposes of these military coins?

Aside from the purposes mentioned above, custom military coin was also given as a congratulatory gift to any soldier who reached a certain milestone in his or her military career. Moreover, for a soldier, before his or her deployment, these coins were given to boost his morale and pride.

If a soldier receives a military coin from his superior, he or she is expected to carry the coin at all times, anywhere they are. Most coin bearers carry these coins in their uniform’s pocket or are worn around their necks.

How much are these coins?

These custom military coin can be composed of simple designs with inexpensive prices to intricate ones with expensive prices. Expensive custom military coins usually have complicated designs as well as precious gems and stones on the surface of the coin. Military coins can be made of different kinds of metals: silver, copper, nickel or gold. Coins made of gold are treated as highly expensive ones and are often given on special occasions with the highest reward possible.

What is the Military Coin Challenge Game?

Bearers of military coins, mostly soldiers, usually practice a traditional game. Bringing of military coins of all coin bearers is a must and should be practiced all the time. This military-wide tradition should be followed at all times, with no exception. To make sure that each and everyone is complying with this tradition, one member of the military group or unit would challenge all coin bearers to see if their military coin is with them.

This tradition is played with the following set of rules:

1. One soldier needs to pull out his own military coin and should clearly and loudly state that a military coin check is being made.

2. All soldiers in the vicinity must show their own military coin.

3. Any person who does not have his or her military coin needs to buy a round of drinks for all the members who have their military coin.Military Coins

4. If all the challenged soldiers have their military coins with them, then, the challenger would need to buy a round of drinks for all the participating soldiers.

5. Any person who refuses to participate or buy the round of drinks (as a punishment) will be forced to bear the consequences and worse, to turn in their military coin.

The military coin challenge game can be made anywhere: whether the soldiers are in a bar, in a kitchen, in a restaurant, in a field or in a sleeping area. This tradition is considered as a special event in the military.

Overall, the military coins are not only collected and treated as a piece of coin, it serves as a sentimental object for all the coin bearers as well. These coins are not only objects to boost a soldier’s morale and pride; it also serves as a sign to show gratitude and respect.

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Taylormade Golf Hybrid Clubs: Your Solution to Optimum Performance

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A Taylormade golf hybrid clubs belong to the group of clubs that can help you perform better. They replace irons as they provide a lighter weight yet exhibit the same performance. For instance, if you find it hard for you to use a number 3 iron, a number 3 hybrid club can replace it.

The hybrid clubs from Taylormade go by the name “Rescue.” As what its name implies, these clubs are specially designed to be an alternative club without sacrificing the performance. It improves the player’s ability to swing the club. Yes, this is the best club for beginners with their lightness.

There are six types of hybrid Taylormade golf clubs you can choose from:

•The Burner Rescue

•The Rescue TP

•The Rescue Dual TP Hybrids

•The r7 Draw Rescue

Burner Rescue

Golf clubThe Burner Rescue is one of the specially made for golfers with a swing speed of 70 to 105 mph. It has a large head for more perimeter weighting. The Burner Rescue also has a center of gravity which is a bit lower than some models.
The Burner Rescue provides a high trajectory when shot. This means that the club is easy to hit, making it a good selection for those who are starting with golf.

Another feature the Burner has is the Steel Pull-Face. It is a construction which provides the club with a high COR or coefficient or restitution. This will allow the club to a spring like effect resulting to hitting the ball to a longer traveling distance.

The club has four models available: 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids. These come in both women’s and left handed versions.

The Rescue TP

The Rescue TP is made for players with higher driver swing speed from 90 to 115 mph. This Taylormade golf club is used by professionals and is great for handicapped players who can hit solid shots.
Unlike the Burner, the Rescue TP has a shallow face since it is for professionals. The angle is lower and has lesser backspin.

There are four clubs available in this model: 1, 2, 3, and 4 hybrids. The 4 hybrid has a type made for left handed player. Since only a few women can perform 90 to 115 mph swing speed, there are only a few TPs made for them.

The Rescue Dual Hybrid

The Rescue Dual Hybrid offers the Movable Weight Technology. This means that weights can be moved on the club. It will help players to hit even a slice. It can also modify the ball’s trajectory.

This club’s head is small but has a moderate amount of forgiveness for the amateur players. This is made for golfers with swing speed between 55 to 105 mph. While this is good for professional golfers, it also caters to below average players. It also comes in four clubs: 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrids.

The Rescue Dual TP Hybrid

The Rescue dual TP Hybrid driver is for those with swing speeds of 105 mph. it also has the movable weight system and a control gravity that is a bit higher than the Rescue Dual. This makes the ball flight lower.

The Rescue Dual TP is made for strong players as it helps them control the ball better. It also comes with four clubs.

The R7 Draw Rescue

The R7 Draw is specially designed for those who need to hit easy. This actually launches the ball high. It is for golfers with a swing speed between 55 to 105 mph.

The club head of the R7 Draw is large with a control gravity feature. There are also four types of this hybrid: 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids.

The hybrid Taylormade golf clubs is a great addition to put in your golf bag. This will help you perform more effectively and even learn easily if you are a beginner.

Author Bio:
Taylormade golf offers huge varities on hybrid clubs at, which can help to you to perform better in game and it is also helful for the golf beginners.

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The Biggest Blunders in Hiring a Motivational Speaker (and how you can avoid them!)

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Motivational SpeakerHiring keynote speakers should not be regarded as ‘hit-or-miss’ kind of pursuit. In any event—conventions, lectures, or small group talks, the guest speaker is always expected to leave a lasting impression on the participants. After all, he’s there to enrich the minds and souls of the audience, which in turn would eventually benefit the entire organization.

There are times in which the expected end-result is not achieved. Having an excellent speaker, an audience that’s eager to listen, and a venue that is conducive to real learning – what could the missing piece of the puzzle be?

The answer lies in this fact – skills in speaking are NEVER ENOUGH.

The following are among the top blunders when hiring speakers:

1.Not being clear on the main goal. Your organization’s event may likely focus on a goal linked to improving sales, employment turnover, and the like. However, there are times that the specific goals are not well-defined by the organization’s representative. Motivational speaker, no matter how good they are, cannot just immediately pull an effective speech out of the magician’s hat. Nothing should be treated as ‘standard’. Orient the speaker well about what the organization wants to achieve at the end of the event.

2.Not involving the speaker in any stage of the planning phase. The speaker is not part of the organization. That’s clear. However, he should at least be included in one meeting during the planning stage so he can better share his creative input as well. This is exactly why inviting speakers at the last minute is never recommended. Doing so could possibly turn the event into a waste of time, money, and effort.

3.Not being able to choose the RIGHT speaker. Keynote speakers are not created equal – some are superb at entertaining, while others are unparalleled in facilitating. The kind of event, the time, and the type audience should all be perfect fit to the personality and the strengths of the speaker. Exerting extra effort in knowing different keynote speakers can help your organization avoid this blunder.

4.Not checking for references. Some organizations tend to invite speakers based on popularity. However, this does not guarantee the achievement of the expected result in the end. It will never hurt to check within your circle if a specific speaker delivers or not. Knowing the experience of other organizations can help you plan better.

5.Not having a follow-up strategy. The event may be finished but your work is not. Many organizations fail to include a post-event follow-up with the speaker. It is essential to know what the guest speaker thinks of the event. This could also give you a clearer picture of the real success of the event. Professional keynote speakers are often generous with their own feedback, and they normally take the initiative to let the organization know about it.

6.Not focusing on quality. Budget—of course, many organizations are particular with this subject. This sometimes sacrifices the real quality of the event. Finding a speaker that simply suits the budget is never a good idea unless you are not really after the result.

Preparing a checklist of your expectations and your own criteria for choosing a speaker based on the organization’s goals are fundamental steps in organizing a successful event. Thoroughly understanding the two sides of the event you’re going to hold – your organization’s and the speaker’s – will enable you to handpick the right speaker. Hiring keynote speakers also requires you to make smart decisions. In other words, it entails a great deal of analyses just like any other decisions made within the company.

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Mix and Match: What constitutes a great lanyard?

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Nowadays, there a lot of traditionally designed lanyards that allow individuals to keep their identification cards, keys, cellular phones and water bottles close by without having to carry a bag or purse. But what if you wanted to have a lanyard that has your design on it? For example, instead of a logo or image of a famous company or movie star, you may want your lanyard to have your name on it. You may even think of designing a lanyard in such a way that your classmates will be delighted because, instead of a well-known brand on the lanyard’s face, it has the name of your class section or batch year.

On another note, you could be thinking of how to boost your company’s identity, or spread your team’s name to those outside of your group. You decide that custom lanyards are the answer. But how do you make one? How do you know which parts to mix with others in order to create something durable and pleasing to the eye?

The Different Lanyard Materials

There are six basic lanyard materials you will have to acquaint yourself with in order to learn which one is the best type for your purpose. In a nutshell, the six basic lanyard materials are: nylon, polyester, tubular, cord or shoestring, dye-sublimated and woven lanyards. The strength and durability of your lanyard will depend on the type of material you choose. Here are a few things to remember about each type.

lanyardsTubular lanyards are the most economical compared to the other five types. They are best used for short events. Students and other non-profit organizations will find that these lanyards are the best match for them.

Nylon lanyards are known for their sheen, high-quality look and their comfort. If you are not a tight budget, it would be a wise move to invest in this lanyard type.Woven lanyards are often chosen for their classy incorporation of design and lanyard fabric. They are moderately priced and come in different color combinations.

Dye-sublimated lanyards are the most expensive lanyard type in the market today. This is because of the process they undergo for design and durability. If you are looking for high class performance and quality, go for dye-sublimated custom lanyards.Cord or shoestring lanyards are the newest addition to most lanyard shops. They are comfortable to wear and take up less space than all other lanyard types. If you’re looking for a modern appearance, choose this type of lanyard.

Last but not the least, polyester lanyards are perhaps the most popular type of lanyards in the entire country. They offer each user a great compromise between quality, appearance and cost.

The Different Attachments for Lanyards

Custom lanyards can be created with multiple attachments added to the basic material. These attachments add flare and functionality to each lanyard. Here are a few of the attachments most lanyard stores will have for you.

First are the attachments you can use for identification cards and other small items like keys. These attachments fall under the umbrella term “hooks” and come in various designs. For example, there are bull dog clips, swivel j hooks, thumb triggers and key rings. These attachments usually come free.

The second class of attachments is focused on expanding the functionality of your custom lanyards. This class includes the cell phone loop and water bottle clip.

Lastly, the third class of attachments is designed to increase comfort and safety whenever you wear your lanyard. This class includes the safety breakaway, buckle release, and the adjustment bead.

The mixing and matching of these different items is totally up to you when it comes to custom lanyards. However, you should also consider your budget, purpose, and the advice of your lanyard supplier.

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Numismatic Value of Challenge Coins

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coinCustom military coins have significant sentimental value for the military members who were awarded with them. Their challenge coins tell the story of their military careers and the camaraderie that was developed among their respective units and troops. Aside from this personal significance, custom military coins are also collected by numismatists and other non-military people.
Numismatists are grouped into coin collectors, dealers, and scholars who study coin age or use coins as focus of historical studies, visit for more details. Though a collector can be a dealer or scholar at the same time, he’s chiefly fond of collecting coins for pleasure or satisfaction. Collectors may not necessarily know the historical significance of certain coins as extensively as scholars do or their selling values as much as dealers do.
The coin dealers are those who are proficient in the trade of coins. They are professionals who can authenticate or grade coins for either commercial or historical values. They are sometimes consulted by scholars in authenticating a particular coin, determining whether it has historical significance or it’s just a fake.
The scholars are those who work in public collections, large libraries, universities, and museums. They can also be independent scholar numismatists who conduct studies on monetary devices, the system and economy, and the historical contexts of certain coins.
Generally, professional numismatists are those who specialize in Numismatics, which refer to the study and collection of currencies, including coins, tokens, paper money, and other currency-related objects—even challenge coins. The discipline of Numismatics has existed since the ancient times. Ancient coins were usually collected by royalties and nobilities who had ample access to monetary objects. Ancient scholars were also normally approached to identify the rulers or kings of certain places using the currencies of those places at those times, and also in identifying traitors among political members who receive monetary bribes from foreign enemies through the currency type of the coins they possess.
Modern Numismatics is a branch of the discipline that specializes in the study, collection, and trade of machine-struck coins. Coin collectors are served more by modern Numismatics as the currencies of the modern times are well recorded and identified, so scholars need little to study about the coins that were recently produced. Modern Numismatics has also expanded to the collection of different tokens or custom coins that are culturally significant, like custom military coins or challenge coins.
Challenge coins are culturally and historically significant as they symbolize and reflect the traditions of the military people during wartime. They are also concrete evidences of the existence of regiments at certain periods; they bear the insignia of the units, the batches of the coin bearers or members, and the ranks and commanders of the regiments of those times.
There are also types of collections for custom military coins. The most common type of collection would be memorabilia. Challenge coins bear memories with them—memories of the bond and camaraderie formed among unit members, and the inspirations that kept them going through the difficult times of war. Challenge coins as memorabilia or mementos are kept by the members who were personally awarded with them. The coins’ worth is focused on the assembly of life-long memories rather that the milestones of military careers.
coinAnother common type of challenge coin collection is the military career milestone. Soldiers cherish the objects that mark or symbolize the progress of their careers in the military. Their collections are arranged according the ranks and units they were reassigned and promoted to as their military career progressed. This type of collection is usually kept by high-ranking military officials who have been to places and battles where their dedications were recognized and rewarded by their leaders.
Given these all these bits of info, it should be clear that such coins are truly valuable in more ways than one.

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